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鯖江の住宅 / House in Sabae

completion date : 2014.10
location : Sabae city,Fukui/福井県鯖江市
principal use : private residence/住宅
site area : 418.55m2
building area : 124.82m2
total floor area : 108.75m2
structural systems : wood/木造
scale : 1 stories/平屋
Photography Kenichi Suzuki

新建築JA no102 Summer 2016
ArchDaily September 2, 2016
ふくい建築賞 最優秀賞


This house is built for a married couple living with husband's mother in Hokuriku region in Japan. The area is located in countryside surrounded by mountains and a lot of nature. Different strengths of wind is created by weather, and you can feel the wind moving across from the rice field expanding southeast. On the other hand, the place is near by an intersection, and cars make noise of road traffic. Therefore, to combine these environment and make a comfortable living space, considering line of sight from the road, noise, and draft was required for this design.