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日南市油津商店街 多世代交流モール / Community Mall for All Generations

completion date : 2015.10
location : Nichinan city,Miyazaki/宮崎県日南市
principal use : Community Mall for Every Generations
site area :1390.88m2
building area : 1015.98m2
total floor area : 1108.73m2
structural systems : steel/鉄骨造
scale : 2 stories/2階
Photography Kenichi Suzuki

OpenProposal 1stPrize/公募型設計競技最優秀賞
Japan Federation of Architects &
Building Engineers Association Prize
/日本建築士会連合会作品賞 優秀賞
Nichijiren Architectural Award Japan Award of Excellence/日事連建築賞 優秀賞
Architectural Designs Young Architects Award, Architectural Institute of Japan/日本建築学会作品選集新人賞

JA104/新建築社_2017年WINTER/PUBLIC SPACE 2015-2016 建築年鑑


The renovation of a 28 year-old supermarket planned as one of the main facilities of the Aburatsu Shopping Street Regeneration Project in Nichinan, Miyazaki Prefecture.The building with its steel rigid frame structure is partially reduced and divided into two buildings to create an outdoor space, thereby realizing a complex facility that contains a meeting area and six eating and drinking establishments.